Outside the Beltway

Thursday, August 03, 2006

So, it has been a while since my last/first post. I don't mean to continue the discussion about the flag or flags; however, I heard something on the radio while driving to work to which I was curious how everyone would respond.
The NCAA has just recently announced that they will not allow any of their tournament events, i.e. March Madness, College World Series, etc, to be played in the state of South Carolina until the state removes the Confederate flag from all state buildings. Wouldn't this be a violation of freedom of speech? Regardless of how immoral it is, are not people free to be racists or bigots? It could be that for the people of the south, the Confederate flag is a symbol of independence, keeping government small and not allowing it to interfere in personal lives, etc. At the same time, for other people the Confederate flag is a symbol of slavery and tyranny. My question for everyone is two-fold, 1) Should the NCAA be using sports to try and bring about social and political change? 2) Does the state of South Carolina, Southerners, or anybody else have the right to fly the Confederate flag?